[​!​CS003] The Usurp Tapes, Vol. I: Species of Spaces [C60]

by Conspirators of Pleasure



This exists as a doumentation of the sonic activities that took place at the USURP ART gallery / creative space in Harrow, London, on September 24th, 2016.

These recordings document aspects of day to day life in the gallery through experimentation in sound. Presented as two lengthy pieces, the first part, "Spaces", acts as an inventory into the production of everyday life and an investigation into the infra-ordinary. The second part, "Species", is an improvised live performance that concludes the inquiry into the art space as a site for public engagement and community creativity, with an emphasis on collaboration, chance and experimentation.


released September 1, 2017

Poulomi Desai: modified sitar, electronics, things
Simon Underwood: adapted bass, electronics, stuff
Jonas Gustafsson: percussion, electronics, junk

Artwork by Poulomi Desai and Simon Underwood.


all rights reserved


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